Thursday, April 24, 2014

Staying young with play

I think we need to play more.

Kids play, they're encouraged to be creative and they laugh a lot. When we grow up, we think we're supposed to be serious. We feel embarrassed if we're not perfect at something or make mistakes. We go to work. We do housework. Even our recreational time is called a "workout".

Why? No wonder people try to get out of it. Well let's take it back! There is no reason why we can't play. It's not childish. There is something built in to humans to play, to explore, to learn new things.

So that's what I'm doing. I work with a dragon boating team, on their landing training. Based on the strength requirements for the sport, I have them doing a mix of upper and lower body exercises, all with emphasis on the abs. Above all, I've tried to keep it fun. I bring in big balls, little balls, even tiny balls into the dance studio I rent. Last week they were standing on balance domes and playing hot potato. We do bodyweight suspension training, use agility ladders and play with hula hoops.

I also teach a hoopdance class afterward. Everything is based on the science of exercise and the results of a fitness evaluation for each person, but after that, it's about play. Movement is meant to be enjoyable, not drudgery. Our bodies are designed to move and even if there is arthritis or pain, movement is better than no movement. Studies have shown that exercise helps people manage arthritis.

I don't believe we have to run marathons to be fit, nor do I think we have to be beat up to be fit. Increased heart rate is good, sweating is good, and to create change within the body... some muscle fatigue. It's all good though -- Don't you remember coming in from playing for hours and feeling a little wiped out? That's it!

Go play.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The key to achieving what you want

Perseverance is golden. If you've followed the winter Olympics in Sochi and watched the men's figure skating event, you may have witnessed a dramatic moment involving one of the U.S. skaters.

Jeremy Abbott, the 2014 U.S. Champion, took a very painful spill on his opening jump in the short program. The mistake launched him forward, throwing him to the ice on his hip and for a moment, it appeared like he might not be able to continue. When skaters fall they're conditioned to get up immediately. When he didn't, it was obvious he was in a lot of pain.

In more ways than one. Can you imagine what would have initially gone through his head? What would any of us have thought? Woe is me, what am I going to do now, etc. But he collected himself and got up.

He's criticized for crumbling under pressure but stood up to perform brilliantly for the remaining time on the clock. Having missed so much time, his choreography was initially out of sync but he completed all of his elements and finished with the music. Asked for comment, he said to ABC News "I wasn't going to let it go. I was like, 'Not this time.' My personal story has always been about perseverance and always getting up when I fall," said Abbott. "Maybe I'm not Olympic champion, but I can teach the world about that." (Quote via, By GILLIAN MOHNEY via Good Morning America)

 An Olympic Gold Medal is surely an achievement, but one of the single most important things to live with and strive for, is perseverance. It separates the onlookers in life from the heroes. With it, you can make a difference. Look to any grass roots effort for social change, weight loss story, comeback from injury, a business built from nothing... and you will see evidence of perseverance.

Whether I am training someone for sport, or a senior or active older adult looking to increase mobility, or someone who wants to lose weight and be more fit.... perseverance is a big part of it. Moxie means force of character, determination, or nerve. To work through the ups and downs on the way to any goal, to go through the grit and come out shining, is to have moxie. Do you have moxie? Be an athlete in your own life.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Moxie's hula hoops and personal training

Crocuses and someone who was happy to get out
Moxie's shop will be under construction as its products move to a new storefront with a layout that should make it simple to find hoops of many sizes and styles, to suit many needs. Accessories and little extras like wrap skirts will be making the move as well. It is expected that it will be easier to navigate what's available, at a glance.

While it may be cold outside, the plants in your yard are very much alive under the piles of snow, deep in the roots, doing what they do. It's a time of building and developing, to allow an emergence of energy and vitality in the spring. This is true of humans as well! This is a time to hone our bodies, strengthen our businesses, and get ready to soar by the time the crocuses open their petals to the sun.

New shop! Moxie Shop on Square Market
Better body! Personal Training from Moxie Personal Training & Hoop Fitness on Square Market
Crocuses! Yes! They will come.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Hoopnotica Travel Hoop Sale

Comes in blue too!
I have used this travel hoop in my classes, sold them, and have spoken of their versatility. You can use them with 5 links for a smaller more challenging hoop, or with 6 for a fairly accessible workout for most people. Add a 7th piece to make it just a little bigger and slower. They come with 6. $30 is a great price to get on the hooping train! Save $20 by getting one now.... today is the last day they're offering this sale. I'm sold out of this hoop but you can buy it direct on this link from Hoopnotica ...  Then come back and join my class and start 2014 off right!